Sunday, 30 November 2014

All about Clixsense

Earning money online in a secured way is our main goal. Maximizing wealth is the motivational factor behind this. PTC market is the main niche here.

Clixsense is one of the important player. It is online since 2007. The ownership changed in May 2010 and Jim Grago has been the new owner. On March 15, 2011, the Administrator of Wordlinx posted in their forum that owned by clixsense went offline and recommended the users to avoid clixsense. But the owner of the clixsense clarified that the site had already been sold out. Still some have the view that clixsense was responsible for that.

Apart from this there has been nothing found against clixsense. Without any noteworthy issues they are paying promptly. I searched widely in the PTC forums and scam reviews. I could not find anything  against it.

 Hence Clixsense is not scam. It is safe and trustworthy.

By clicking ads one can earn around 3 cents per day. Isn't it that it sounds waste of time. Yes for those who comes, clicks and goes, it is waste of time. But for those who won't give up before succeeding, there is big scope for earning a lot of money. But how ?

Referral earnings is the key. In clixsense, One can have as many referrals as they can. With unlimited referrals your earning potential is endless. You can get DRs (Direct Referrals) in so many ways. Your friends, neighbors and relatives, colleagues and other persons you meet often can be approached. You can find DRs in Social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus by ads, posts and mails. You can advertise in other PTCs and traffic building sites. 

I will come up with various ways of Referral building in my future posts.
Once you have a sizable number of  DRs under your bottom line, your earnings will shoot up.

Apart from commissions on referral earnings, you can have sign up commission after your DR earns $5.00 or $10 depending upon your membership type. 

Besides this Clixsense offer Tasks, Offers, Surveys, Clixgrid. I don't beleive in surveys and Clixgrid prize. But you can complete tasks and offers and earn a decent money worthy of your time spent on them. My advice is don't go for Surveys and Clixgrid lot and waste your time. You can spent that time in completing as many tasks as you can.

Frankly speaking, I personally found that over the years the ads offered to the users become lesser. Still there is a huge potential for earning a lot in Clixsense.

If anyone new to this can sign up under me and  I will make him succeed with one to one guidance, if he is ready to work hard and committed to succeed.

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Friday, 28 November 2014

PTC websites offer effective ways to earn money online

PTC means Paid To Click. This is one of the fast growing market in the internet. The PTC sites pay you for clicking the ads to visit the linked websites for a little time. So it generates online traffic. The websites seeking online traffic from PTC sites are advertising sites. So PTC sites earn money from the advertising sites. The PTC sites gets the online traffic from its registered members. Almost all PTC websites offer free membership registration. Of course you may upgrade the membership by becoming a paid member to increase your earnings.

Apart from earnings from clicks, PTC sites pay you, if you refer a new member who is called a Direct Referral. You can also get a certain percentage of commission from the earnings of the Referral.  The referrals you have, more will be your earnings.

Some PTC sites give you referrals for rent. I don't believe in that you could earn more than the rent you are paying. In my experience is that Rental Referrals are not remunerative. To increase your referral earnings, it is better to have as many Direct Referrals as you can.

It is not that all PTC sites are genuine. Almost 90% of them are scams. Only a few are established sites  that pay you regularly. Even all those established sites don't offer you attractive profit sharing. Only a very few are giving you are higher profit sharing.

I recommend you only few websites for you.

Clixsense is Number one
  It is online Since 2007.
 You can earn $0.03 daily from your direct clicking of just around 20 ads. 
 Scope for earning from tasks. If you are ready to work hard, you can complete as many tasks as you can.
 Besides Surveys and offers are available.
 There is no limit for the number of Direct referrals that you have.
 You get 20% of your Direct Referral earnings.
 No rented referrals.
 Minimum Payout is $8.00. Payments can be had through PayPal, Payza and Paytoo.
 You can upgrade to Premium Membership for $17.00.
Please click the banner below to  become in clixsene.

Neobux comes next.

It is online since 2008.
Average daily earning $ 0.03 from direct clicking of around 30 ads.
Scope for earnings in mini jobs, offers, Neopoints, Neocoins and Adprize.
Direct Referral limit is 30 and 50% commission on Direct referral earnings.
Rented referrals available.
Minimum Payout $ 2.00 through Paypal, Payza and Neteller.
You can upgrade to premium membership for $90.00

Please click the banner below to become a member.

It is online since 2003.
Average daily earning $ 0.03 from direct clicking of around just 10 ads.
No Direct Referral limit and 20% commission on Direct referral earnings.
Minimum Payout $ 10.00 through Paypal.
You can upgrade to verified membership for $17.00

Please click the banner below to become a member.
WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

It is online since 2009.
Average daily earning $ 0.15 from direct clicking. 
No Direct Referral limit and 10% commission on Direct referral earnings.
Minimum Payout $ 5.00 through Paypal and Payza,
Huge earning scope in Task, surveys, offers and live surf.

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AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

It is online since 2008
Average daily earning $ 0.03 from direct clicking of around just 30 ads.
No Direct Referral limit and 50% commission on Direct referral earnings.
Minimum Payout $ 6.99 through Paypal.Payza
You can upgrade to verified membership for $7.69
More earning Oppurtunities.

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Basic requirements for Online business.

A computer with high speed internet connection is a must. Web browsers like Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox may be installed. To view the videos/animations, Adobe flash player plugin may be downloaded.
Of course, everyone has these stuffs now a days.

I suggest a Separate Email ID and bank account specifically for this purpose. Apart from this, get your bank account linked to payment processors.

Payment processors enable Merchants to receive debit or Credit Card payments online by providing a connection to an Acquiring Bank.These processors perform many functions such as evaluating whether transactions are valid and approved, using anti-fraud measures to assure that a purchase Transaction is initiated by the source it claims to be. Processors are held to standards and regulations organized by credit card associations.

Initially it is enough to be a member of   PayPal   and  Payza. 
If required further membership can be availed at other payment processors.

These are basic requirements, In the next post, we will discuss the ways of online earnings.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Who can earn money online ?

Every one has to put a lot of efforts to earn money. If effortless income is possible, everyone aspires it. Undoubtedly such a possibility of earning online without much efforts attracts anyone.

But is it possible to have such an easy money ?  Is it that easy ?

My answer is a firm "NO".

Unless otherwise, you wont have a lot of efforts and patience, it is hardly possible. With hard work and patience with creativity and innovative ideas, it is possible.

Almost 90 % of them who is working to earn money online, put their hard work and failed to achieve their goals.Only 10 % are patient enough to succeed.

So there is a huge supply of hard work in the online earning market. Normally these supply of works are materialized by online firms and cheaters with attractive false promises. Hence almost the entire online market is in the hands of these blood suckers. Mostly every worker works for these cheaters.

If you want to make money online, you must
1. be hard working
2. have patience until you succeed
3. have creativity and innovative ideas
4. be vigilant not to fall in the hands of cheaters/scam sites.

If you have these foursome and a firm determination of not to give up until you succeed, you may opt for earning online.