Thursday, 27 November 2014

Basic requirements for Online business.

A computer with high speed internet connection is a must. Web browsers like Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox may be installed. To view the videos/animations, Adobe flash player plugin may be downloaded.
Of course, everyone has these stuffs now a days.

I suggest a Separate Email ID and bank account specifically for this purpose. Apart from this, get your bank account linked to payment processors.

Payment processors enable Merchants to receive debit or Credit Card payments online by providing a connection to an Acquiring Bank.These processors perform many functions such as evaluating whether transactions are valid and approved, using anti-fraud measures to assure that a purchase Transaction is initiated by the source it claims to be. Processors are held to standards and regulations organized by credit card associations.

Initially it is enough to be a member of   PayPal   and  Payza. 
If required further membership can be availed at other payment processors.

These are basic requirements, In the next post, we will discuss the ways of online earnings.