Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Review on Hits4Pay


Update: 22.02.2018 :This website is now Scam

Multiple Stream Media are the owners of this website. Mr.Abe Cherian is the founder of 
Multiple Stream Media. The company is at 544 Sawmill Road, Hurley, New York 12443.
They are one of the pioneers in Internet Marketing from the year 2000. 

Hits4Pay has been online and paying since 2001.
It is a typical PTR website. It pays for reading emails and visiting the websites of its advertisers. It is paying promptly over a decade and hence there is no question of scam.

It is unique among other PTR websites.It offers only free membership.
Paid membership or up gradation of membership is not here.
It offers $5.00 as sign up bonus. The payout minimum is $25.00
Payments can be made only through Paypal. US residents should submit Tax information before getting payment. People from other countries can get payments to their Paypal once they reach the payout minimum.

It pays $0.02 to each mail and $0.01 for referral's visit. Two tier referral earning is possible here. That means you get paid for your referral earnings of your referral too. If you could built a bottom line you could earn huge amounts, because there is no limit for number of referrals.

You could directly earn around $1.00 in a month ,just by spending two to three minutes daily. $0.02 per one site visit is comparatively higher than the amount offered by PTCs.To earn $0.02 in a PTC website, you have to visit at least 20 websites which will take around 15 m=minutes. Hence earnings offered here is comparatively higher.

If you have four friends under you and each four have four under them means there are 20 referrals under your bottom line. For one single mail, you earn $0.22 and in a month you can get around 100 mails so you can earn $22.00 with 4 referrals(each having a 4 under them) under you. If you don't have any referrals under you, no problem you could still earn $ 2.00 in a month just spending a few minutes a day. If you can build a big bottom line you could earn very huge amounts.

Is it feasible to pay huge amount ? Yes It is feasible because for Hits4pay, it has to pay $0.04 only per ad. ($0.02 for the person seeing the ad and $0.02 for the up line.)

The favorable points for Hits4pay are

1.$5.00 for sign up
2.Earning per ad is 20 times higher than PTC ads.
3.Time investment is comparatively low.
4.Professional Internet marketing company paying over a decade.
5.Remunerative referral program.

The unfavorable are

1.Payout minimum is high
2.Single Payment processor.

Definitely the benefits over-weigh the unfavorable points.


For anybody who wants to earn online, Hits4pay is the first choice.

If you are not member yet and want to sign up, please click the link  or click the banner below.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Earning potential in Mutimoney group

Multimoney group

It is a group of websites owned by Mr.Sebas living in Netherlands. He started GetPaidMail.com in 2002 after quitting his job in Insurance company. Now he is the owner or co-owner of some 13 websites. He is a pioneer in the business of Money making websites.


It is still online and paying.It is paid to read email website. It offers programs in multiple ways like Paid to click, paid to sign up and much more. If you have the knack of building your down line, you can earn more money here. Because there is limit for Direct Referrals. It has six tier Referral system. It is paying over a decade.



Main ways of earning are Paid to read inbox emails (donkey mail inbox), #Paid to click, #Paid to sign up, #Paid to review etc. There is no limit for Direct Referrals. It is Six tier/level DR system. If you can built your down line, there is scope for earning huge amounts. In my view it is a must sign up website for any online earner. If you want to become a member, you can click on the following link.



It offers one share per sign-up. It is a unique system among PTCs. Value of one share is the amount of earnings of the PTC ( not of member ) divided by the total number of shares issued to its members.
Other earning ways are like other websites of the same group. It is also a must sign up in my view. The link for the sign up is

Other websites of the same group




In the all the websites, Five to six tier DRs and No limit for DR is the key to anyone who could build a good bottom line. In my view DonkeyMails and Myfreeshares are must sign up category. By saying so, I do not mean the rest are risky. If one could find time, they can sign-up in all.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

How to Judge a PTC website as #Legit or Scam ?

We can judge a PTC as Scam or Legit in the following ways.

1. Sign up Option
2. Sustainability
3. Forum
4. Payment options and track record.
5. Issues handling
6. Business analysts.
7. Review Blogs.

1. Signup Option

For PTC websites, the members are the customers or buyers. If a PTC collects money for its sign up and there is no option for free sign up, it means that  PTC is 100% scam, It has started with the aim of making money by sign up and go off.

2. Sustainability

If a PTC offers much money as sign up bonus, It could not make payments correctly.
Moreover offer terms should be sustainable. Suppose It pays $0,005 for a click and 0.002 for referral clicks means it has to pay $7.00 per 1000 clicks. If it offers $0.005 click to Advertisers means it will receive only $5 per 1000 clicks. It is not sustainable to PTC, because for 1000 advertisements it has to pay $10 where it could receive only $5. If a PTC comes with offers like this, it means 100% scam.

Forum is a place where users can interact with their fellow members and admin, It is a place where members get their issues solved. If a PTC comes without a Forum, that PTC may be scam.

4.Payment option and track record.

If the payment minimum is abnormally high and you feel that you could not achieve within a reasonable period of time, it is better to stay away from the site. 

We can  observe in forums and blogs, how long the site takes to pay its members on achieving the payment minimum. If it is not paying promptly and we could find some issues for members, we should avoid those sites.

5. Issues Handling

We could observe in forums how the issues of the members are solved. If the Admin is very much supportive to the issues of its members and often comes out with proper and prompt solutions, then we may take it as Legit. If it delete some entries of issues and does not offer good support means it may be a scam one.

6. Business Analysts

We can check the credibility of a website at www.scamadviser.com
Also we can have a business review at www.sitejabber.com
We can have the online popularity at www.alxa.com 

We should not come into a conclusion based on these reviews alone. We should take other factors mentioned elsewhere in this article too 

For Scamadviser, clixsense.com is 0% trustworthy where sitejabber says it is 91% safer. What I am saying is we should not come into a conclusion with one review alone.

7. Review Blogs

There are many quality reviews available in blogs or websites.
To mention a few,


Applying your common sense and the above factors, you can decide whether a PTC is #Legit or Scam. When you are going to invest money in above websites, you should be careful about these things. Some times you will be in a position that you could not decide whether a website is #Scam or Legit and still attracted by its offers, you can go within them not investing money. In the worst case you ma loose your invested time rather than money. 

Quote of the day

For better it is to dare mighty things and win glorious or win glorious triumphs though checkered  by failure,  than to take rank with poor souls who neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.
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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Who gains of Rented Referrals ?


When a sign-up is made by new member referred by an existing member, the new member becomes a Referral in the bottom line of the existing member. Hence whenever the Referral earns money, the existing gets a certain percentage of Referral earnings as commission. This is an MLM strategy to boost up the membership sign up campaign .

Direct Referrals

Members coming in this route is called Direct Referral (DR), because some PTC sites invented the concept of Rented Referral.

Rented Referrals

If a new sign up is made without the reference of anybody, the PTC sites offer the new member as Rented Referral at a cost for a given period. In other words, the direct members of the website are offered to existing members as Rented Referrals (RR).They come in the bottom line of existing members who earns a commission from RR earnings.

Who Gains?

Who is going to be benefited by these RRs? 

Members or PTC website?

Normal logic for any sale is seller gets a margin over the cost as profit. So PTC website definitely could not  formulate a scheme offering lesser price than its cost.(Cost is the commission PTC site going to pay). If it does so, it will minimize its earnings. Does anybody formulate scheme for loss?

Hence it is evident that there could not be any profit by opting RRs.

Ok, for name's sake we suppose that PTC offered the scheme for the benefit of its members as promotion of its sales, Is profit guaranteed to the buyer of RRs?

It is highly unpredictable how long the RR going to be under his bottom line. 

Only a few succeed in getting DRs and prolong to be a member for a long time. Most of the members quits so early, because they do not know how to get DRs in their bottom line. If not with DRs, the daily average earning is very low. This makes one fed up with. The rate of giving up is higher than the rate of succeeding to be a prolonged member.

In many of the PTC forums I often see someone cries that he loses the hard earned money in RRs which are bots not human and like that.

These are all the tricks of the trade.


Purchase of RRs will hardly earn any money. It is not wise to go for RR in any PTC website.

Quote of the Day

Each work has to pass through three stages - Ridicule, Opposition and then Acceptance. Those who think ahead of their time are sure to be misunderstood
                                                                                       By Swami Vivekananda.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Amazing ways of #earning online through PTC websites

How much money one can earn in PTC web sites?

Just one or two cents per day. That means it could be around a $1 a month from a PTC website. 

Is that the earning scope in a PTC ?

Does this really means a waste of your valuable time?
My answer is Yes and No. 

Yes because 90% of the users are wasting time not knowing the secrets, no i could not call it secret too, not knowing the right techniques or knack of #maximizing the earning in a PTC.

The key is in DRs that you have. Higher the DR's you have, higher will be your earnings.

Only thing you have to do is getting as many DR's as you could. I will come up with a post telling   some effective methods of building your down line through DR's.

Ok. How much one can earn with a higher number DR's ?

Try this link to know how much a Neobux user has earned,

He has earned $276695.96 and 39007 referrals under his bottom line.

Amazing ! Isn't it ?

Visit the Neobux forum and find the success stories and proof

Visit the Clixsense forum for payment proof

I think you got that DR is the key to #maximize earnings in PTC.

The other way to maximize earnings is completing Tasks they offer.

Clixsense offer very good tasks for some decent earnings.

Just try this link to know how many jobs one can complete in a month?

Monday, 1 December 2014

All about Ayuwage

Update on 21st January,2016
Lately it is observed that Ayuwage is suspending users without valid reason. Hence it is not advisable to invest money with them.
It is online since 2010. It is also one of the established site that is paying over the years. No major payment issues so far. But some issues arose about account deletion without any notice. As per their rules, failure to fulfill the requirements leads to warning which will add up towards a permanent suspension. They stick to their rules, so it cannot be called as issues. The payment track records shows that it is paying and is trustworthy.

If you ask "Is it scam", the answer is "No"

Scope for daily earnings is better than other sites. Average daily earnings may be around $0.15. For USA members it is more, because they could get more ads for viewing. Minimum payout is $5.00. Normal payout time is about a week. Commission on Referral earnings is 10%. No limit for DR's.

The ads shown are not PTC ads. It is an unique feature among other PTCs who are showing PTC and traffic generating websites. The major negative point of the PTC websites is the demand and supply are coming from the same Industry means that demand and supply are created ones, not real ones. That is  why 95% of PTC websites are becoming scam and going offline within a period of around one year. Because they could not match their demand and supply. Ayuwage is the only website using the ads demand of other industry instead of PTC. In my view, it is the main reason for its success.

Besides Ayuwage offer many ways of earning, sign ups, mail offers, survey and live surfing of websites. One can earn a decent money from these.

If anyone interested in earning money online, should be member of this website.

If you are not a member yet  and wish to earn some decent income online, click banner and sign up.