Monday, 1 December 2014

All about Ayuwage

Update on 21st January,2016
Lately it is observed that Ayuwage is suspending users without valid reason. Hence it is not advisable to invest money with them.
It is online since 2010. It is also one of the established site that is paying over the years. No major payment issues so far. But some issues arose about account deletion without any notice. As per their rules, failure to fulfill the requirements leads to warning which will add up towards a permanent suspension. They stick to their rules, so it cannot be called as issues. The payment track records shows that it is paying and is trustworthy.

If you ask "Is it scam", the answer is "No"

Scope for daily earnings is better than other sites. Average daily earnings may be around $0.15. For USA members it is more, because they could get more ads for viewing. Minimum payout is $5.00. Normal payout time is about a week. Commission on Referral earnings is 10%. No limit for DR's.

The ads shown are not PTC ads. It is an unique feature among other PTCs who are showing PTC and traffic generating websites. The major negative point of the PTC websites is the demand and supply are coming from the same Industry means that demand and supply are created ones, not real ones. That is  why 95% of PTC websites are becoming scam and going offline within a period of around one year. Because they could not match their demand and supply. Ayuwage is the only website using the ads demand of other industry instead of PTC. In my view, it is the main reason for its success.

Besides Ayuwage offer many ways of earning, sign ups, mail offers, survey and live surfing of websites. One can earn a decent money from these.

If anyone interested in earning money online, should be member of this website.

If you are not a member yet  and wish to earn some decent income online, click banner and sign up.

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