Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Amazing ways of #earning online through PTC websites

How much money one can earn in PTC web sites?

Just one or two cents per day. That means it could be around a $1 a month from a PTC website. 

Is that the earning scope in a PTC ?

Does this really means a waste of your valuable time?
My answer is Yes and No. 

Yes because 90% of the users are wasting time not knowing the secrets, no i could not call it secret too, not knowing the right techniques or knack of #maximizing the earning in a PTC.

The key is in DRs that you have. Higher the DR's you have, higher will be your earnings.

Only thing you have to do is getting as many DR's as you could. I will come up with a post telling   some effective methods of building your down line through DR's.

Ok. How much one can earn with a higher number DR's ?

Try this link to know how much a Neobux user has earned,

He has earned $276695.96 and 39007 referrals under his bottom line.

Amazing ! Isn't it ?

Visit the Neobux forum and find the success stories and proof

Visit the Clixsense forum for payment proof

I think you got that DR is the key to #maximize earnings in PTC.

The other way to maximize earnings is completing Tasks they offer.

Clixsense offer very good tasks for some decent earnings.

Just try this link to know how many jobs one can complete in a month?