Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Earning potential in Mutimoney group

Multimoney group

It is a group of websites owned by Mr.Sebas living in Netherlands. He started GetPaidMail.com in 2002 after quitting his job in Insurance company. Now he is the owner or co-owner of some 13 websites. He is a pioneer in the business of Money making websites.


It is still online and paying.It is paid to read email website. It offers programs in multiple ways like Paid to click, paid to sign up and much more. If you have the knack of building your down line, you can earn more money here. Because there is limit for Direct Referrals. It has six tier Referral system. It is paying over a decade.



Main ways of earning are Paid to read inbox emails (donkey mail inbox), #Paid to click, #Paid to sign up, #Paid to review etc. There is no limit for Direct Referrals. It is Six tier/level DR system. If you can built your down line, there is scope for earning huge amounts. In my view it is a must sign up website for any online earner. If you want to become a member, you can click on the following link.



It offers one share per sign-up. It is a unique system among PTCs. Value of one share is the amount of earnings of the PTC ( not of member ) divided by the total number of shares issued to its members.
Other earning ways are like other websites of the same group. It is also a must sign up in my view. The link for the sign up is

Other websites of the same group




In the all the websites, Five to six tier DRs and No limit for DR is the key to anyone who could build a good bottom line. In my view DonkeyMails and Myfreeshares are must sign up category. By saying so, I do not mean the rest are risky. If one could find time, they can sign-up in all.

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