Sunday, 7 December 2014

How to Judge a PTC website as #Legit or Scam ?

We can judge a PTC as Scam or Legit in the following ways.

1. Sign up Option
2. Sustainability
3. Forum
4. Payment options and track record.
5. Issues handling
6. Business analysts.
7. Review Blogs.

1. Signup Option

For PTC websites, the members are the customers or buyers. If a PTC collects money for its sign up and there is no option for free sign up, it means that  PTC is 100% scam, It has started with the aim of making money by sign up and go off.

2. Sustainability

If a PTC offers much money as sign up bonus, It could not make payments correctly.
Moreover offer terms should be sustainable. Suppose It pays $0,005 for a click and 0.002 for referral clicks means it has to pay $7.00 per 1000 clicks. If it offers $0.005 click to Advertisers means it will receive only $5 per 1000 clicks. It is not sustainable to PTC, because for 1000 advertisements it has to pay $10 where it could receive only $5. If a PTC comes with offers like this, it means 100% scam.

Forum is a place where users can interact with their fellow members and admin, It is a place where members get their issues solved. If a PTC comes without a Forum, that PTC may be scam.

4.Payment option and track record.

If the payment minimum is abnormally high and you feel that you could not achieve within a reasonable period of time, it is better to stay away from the site. 

We can  observe in forums and blogs, how long the site takes to pay its members on achieving the payment minimum. If it is not paying promptly and we could find some issues for members, we should avoid those sites.

5. Issues Handling

We could observe in forums how the issues of the members are solved. If the Admin is very much supportive to the issues of its members and often comes out with proper and prompt solutions, then we may take it as Legit. If it delete some entries of issues and does not offer good support means it may be a scam one.

6. Business Analysts

We can check the credibility of a website at
Also we can have a business review at
We can have the online popularity at 

We should not come into a conclusion based on these reviews alone. We should take other factors mentioned elsewhere in this article too 

For Scamadviser, is 0% trustworthy where sitejabber says it is 91% safer. What I am saying is we should not come into a conclusion with one review alone.

7. Review Blogs

There are many quality reviews available in blogs or websites.
To mention a few,


Applying your common sense and the above factors, you can decide whether a PTC is #Legit or Scam. When you are going to invest money in above websites, you should be careful about these things. Some times you will be in a position that you could not decide whether a website is #Scam or Legit and still attracted by its offers, you can go within them not investing money. In the worst case you ma loose your invested time rather than money. 

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