Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Review on Hits4Pay


Update: 22.02.2018 :This website is now Scam

Multiple Stream Media are the owners of this website. Mr.Abe Cherian is the founder of 
Multiple Stream Media. The company is at 544 Sawmill Road, Hurley, New York 12443.
They are one of the pioneers in Internet Marketing from the year 2000. 

Hits4Pay has been online and paying since 2001.
It is a typical PTR website. It pays for reading emails and visiting the websites of its advertisers. It is paying promptly over a decade and hence there is no question of scam.

It is unique among other PTR websites.It offers only free membership.
Paid membership or up gradation of membership is not here.
It offers $5.00 as sign up bonus. The payout minimum is $25.00
Payments can be made only through Paypal. US residents should submit Tax information before getting payment. People from other countries can get payments to their Paypal once they reach the payout minimum.

It pays $0.02 to each mail and $0.01 for referral's visit. Two tier referral earning is possible here. That means you get paid for your referral earnings of your referral too. If you could built a bottom line you could earn huge amounts, because there is no limit for number of referrals.

You could directly earn around $1.00 in a month ,just by spending two to three minutes daily. $0.02 per one site visit is comparatively higher than the amount offered by PTCs.To earn $0.02 in a PTC website, you have to visit at least 20 websites which will take around 15 m=minutes. Hence earnings offered here is comparatively higher.

If you have four friends under you and each four have four under them means there are 20 referrals under your bottom line. For one single mail, you earn $0.22 and in a month you can get around 100 mails so you can earn $22.00 with 4 referrals(each having a 4 under them) under you. If you don't have any referrals under you, no problem you could still earn $ 2.00 in a month just spending a few minutes a day. If you can build a big bottom line you could earn very huge amounts.

Is it feasible to pay huge amount ? Yes It is feasible because for Hits4pay, it has to pay $0.04 only per ad. ($0.02 for the person seeing the ad and $0.02 for the up line.)

The favorable points for Hits4pay are

1.$5.00 for sign up
2.Earning per ad is 20 times higher than PTC ads.
3.Time investment is comparatively low.
4.Professional Internet marketing company paying over a decade.
5.Remunerative referral program.

The unfavorable are

1.Payout minimum is high
2.Single Payment processor.

Definitely the benefits over-weigh the unfavorable points.


For anybody who wants to earn online, Hits4pay is the first choice.

If you are not member yet and want to sign up, please click the link  or click the banner below.


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