Thursday, 4 December 2014

Who gains of Rented Referrals ?


When a sign-up is made by new member referred by an existing member, the new member becomes a Referral in the bottom line of the existing member. Hence whenever the Referral earns money, the existing gets a certain percentage of Referral earnings as commission. This is an MLM strategy to boost up the membership sign up campaign .

Direct Referrals

Members coming in this route is called Direct Referral (DR), because some PTC sites invented the concept of Rented Referral.

Rented Referrals

If a new sign up is made without the reference of anybody, the PTC sites offer the new member as Rented Referral at a cost for a given period. In other words, the direct members of the website are offered to existing members as Rented Referrals (RR).They come in the bottom line of existing members who earns a commission from RR earnings.

Who Gains?

Who is going to be benefited by these RRs? 

Members or PTC website?

Normal logic for any sale is seller gets a margin over the cost as profit. So PTC website definitely could not  formulate a scheme offering lesser price than its cost.(Cost is the commission PTC site going to pay). If it does so, it will minimize its earnings. Does anybody formulate scheme for loss?

Hence it is evident that there could not be any profit by opting RRs.

Ok, for name's sake we suppose that PTC offered the scheme for the benefit of its members as promotion of its sales, Is profit guaranteed to the buyer of RRs?

It is highly unpredictable how long the RR going to be under his bottom line. 

Only a few succeed in getting DRs and prolong to be a member for a long time. Most of the members quits so early, because they do not know how to get DRs in their bottom line. If not with DRs, the daily average earning is very low. This makes one fed up with. The rate of giving up is higher than the rate of succeeding to be a prolonged member.

In many of the PTC forums I often see someone cries that he loses the hard earned money in RRs which are bots not human and like that.

These are all the tricks of the trade.


Purchase of RRs will hardly earn any money. It is not wise to go for RR in any PTC website.

Quote of the Day

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